Walk No.6: Helford to Dennis Head – in mud and mist


Yesterday being the coldest day I have ever experienced in Cornwall, visiting Penzance to collect the organic bag (and hide ourselves from the biting south easterly wind for a welcome lunch and turmeric latte in Archie Browns) then hiding from the wind again in the warmth of the Newlyn Filmhouse to have our senses numbed by the mindless musical interludes of La La Land, today was milder but greyer.

The Helford River echoed the grey stillness with its bare muddy swathes but, all things taken into consideration (i.e. January, mud, no sign of the sun, and me omitting to bring flask or food except for a solitary bag of lentil waves and a tin of chopped liver for Dobson)  the walk, despite being muddy, was worth the exercise – and would be a wonderful walk for Spring and summer when the walker would be rewarded with a bit of colour!

Caerphilly Carol (of the colourful Nepalese headgear) was a stalwart walking companion and expert photographer. The only thing I could fault her on was her refusal to visit anywhere we could get a coffee afterwards because of the mud on her walking trousers.  Lightweight.



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Moved to Cornwall in 2016. Now wish to blog about our life with our Spanish rescue dog, Dora

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